The Studio

My studio is located in the guest room of our apartment and I spend many happy hours at this little desk. I love that it looks out to the large grassy/wooded area behind our apartment and that the sunlight fills the room in the mornings – the time of day when I’m usually working on jewelry. I enjoy working from home, and even though it is only a side business at the moment, I can’t until I am able to support myself part-time!


I do miss the company of other people when I am working though and I dream of the day when I can move my studio into a shop or gallery run by artists. This craving has been satisfied for the time being, however. Just a few weeks ago I began working at River to Sea Gallery inside Chandler’s Wharf in downtown Wilmington. My jewelry has been in the shop for over a year now and I am ecstatic to be working there part-time.



During the slow season when customers are few and far between, I work on my jewelry to the hum of the bustling old building. From inside the gallery, I can hear other artists at work, a fountain bubbling away in the atrium, creaks in the old ceiling from the offices above, the quiet echo of a relaxing playlist, and the occasional (and contagious) laugh of a certain artisan. Needless to say, I couldn’t be happier to be spending time in this charming building.

Shop Number Five!

I am very excited to announce that my jewelry was recently accepted at River to Sea Gallery in Wilmington, North Carolina. I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful little shop. It’s located in Chandler’s Wharf  – where you can find several other galleries, Barista Cafe & Bakery, and plenty of free parking!

Tim and Rebecca (husband and wife) own the gallery and are both extremely talented artists. You can find them on Facebook or at Stop by next time you’re in the area and make sure to look for jewelry by Andrea Watson Designs!