3 thoughts on “DSC_0282c

  1. Excellent! This sets your design apart, which is what you want. Only suggestion is to not have the “v” in the wood beneath. The focus must be on the earrings. Good job!

  2. Oh, and be sure to have your earrings shown on you, with only a very small part of your face visible. Most people need to see an item on a person when buying online and who would be better than the person who made the item? 🙂

    1. Good call on the “v”. I had limited selection of beach wood, but you’re right – it takes away from the focal point. I’ll have to replace that piece next time! As far as pictures of someone wearing the jewelry, Danny has promised to help take pictures of me wearing the earrings etc. Depending on how they turn out, I may only post those on Etsy. We will see… 🙂

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