My Interview on The Glory Tree Herald

I am thrilled to announce that I have been featured on The Glory Tree Herald! Only a few short weeks ago, Reagan approached me with the idea and I was over-joyed at the opportunity to be part of her wonderful blog. I’ve always admired Reagan’s writing, especially her short stories (found on her personal blog Bluestocking Hack), not to mention the raw and honest articles she shares regarding her own life. She is a beautiful person – inside and out – and I feel so very lucky to have been selected as a featured artist on her blog. Check out my interview by clicking on the link below:

Behind the Scenes with Andrea Watson, Metalsmith, Wilmington, NC

5 thoughts on “My Interview on The Glory Tree Herald

  1. I can relate to needing to focus on one or 2 things you do well…my thoughts are all over the place sometimes. So happy you’re finding success. 🙂

    1. Thanks Caitlin – that means so much! I’m glad you like the wood. I’ve been using raw beach wood for a while, but recently tried white-washing it for Etsy (it seems to give it more of a light and pretty look). Anyway, thanks again for the comment – love your work! Especially those sea life pendants you introduced this summer. Still can’t get over those!

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