Recent Custom Orders

Since posting my handmade wooden “Man Cave” sign, I’ve had a few people who were interested in their own custom sign. My younger sister, Felicia, was one of those people. She loves Sci Fi (Doctor Who and Star Wars specifically) and she decided on a “Nerd Cave” sign that included images of a time machine and light saber. The original “Man Cave” sign had hand-carved text, but she opted for store-bought wooden letters because it reduced the price dramatically. I definitely had fun working on this sign for my little sis.



Another order I finished up recently was a replica of sorts. My dear friend Alex sent me a picture of the digital artwork shown below on the left. She requested my help in replicating it as a gift for her mother. The image was something she found online and we were unable to find any trace of the original artwork or any way of ordering a print. Because of the circumstances I agreed to take on the project – although if any of you bloggers out there know who the artist is, please let me know! It was definitely a little out of my comfort zone, but (needless to say) we were very happy with the outcome.



The final custom order I completed recently was a hand-painted canvas designed to be a wedding guestbook: thumbprint-style. My good friend Katy enlisted my help and we eventually decided on the palm tree design you see below. We took inspiration from the many thumbprint guestbooks available and knew that the palm trees would be perfect for her friends Tara & Matt. This again was not my typical line of work, but I was happy to help. It’s been quite the adventure putting together some of these custom pieces and I’ve learned so much through the process.


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