Photography Update


Per the feedback I received from all of you on Facebook and WordPress, I decided to go with the beach wood as the background for my shell jewelry. I photographed some new earrings a few days ago and really started to love the look of the beach wood. Originally I preferred the white background, but now it’s easy to see how much the jewelry stands out against the new background. Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback!

7 thoughts on “Photography Update

  1. I really like the wood background! I just changed over to “the dark side” from white too! I just noticed that you have me on your list of artists you admire! I’m blushing!

    1. Thanks Cara! Yeah I’ve always had it in my head that white backgrounds look the best, but clearly I was wrong. It looks clean, but definitely doesn’t bring out the best in every style of jewelry. I love the gray you’re using for your backgrounds now! What is that background made of? Wood? And yes, I do admire your work! 🙂 Esp love those twig earring you have… they’re totally right up my alley! I love natured inspired jewelry.. it’s my fav kind to make. I have this wax cast ring I made in college – also very earthy and full of texture like your earrings – and it’s one of my favorite pieces to wear 🙂

      1. Hi Andrea,

        My background is actually a nice dark gray slate! I saw the tiles at Home Depot and thought they would be perfect!
        Thank you for the compliment on the twig earrings – those are really one of my favorite things I’ve made!

        You should share some pictures of your college ring! I know absolutely nothing about casting and want to learn so badly!

        1. P.S. I made the band a little too thin at the bottom, so it broke after a few months of wearing it. Eventually I hope to replicate it – I’ll just have to make the band a tad thicker lol.

          1. I went and looked at the ring, and I really like it! You should definitely try and replicate it sometime! Do you still do a lot of casting?

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