Handmade “Man Cave” Sign


This was a custom order that I made for my friend Rachel – an old college friend. She wanted a man cave sign for her boyfriend, and liked the old beach wood I had been using for my other handmade wooden signs. We collaborated a lot on this project since it was so different from what I was used to making and we focused on getting a more rustic look. It was a tedious project (those are hand-carved letters), but totally worth it in the end. She loved how it turned out and I’m very happy to have learned a totally new way to construct and finish my signs!


(Click the photo to see more images)

4 thoughts on “Handmade “Man Cave” Sign

    1. Hi John! Thanks for your interest. This particular sign is completely handmade – hand-sawed beach wood, hand-carved letters, and hand-painted quote (basically it’s extremely time intensive). I typically charge anywhere from $75-$95 + shipping for this particular sign.

      Through the link below, you can see other styles of wooden signs. The “Nerd Cave” sign is very similar, but has store-bought lettering. I sell this style for $55-$75 + shipping.


      Please feel free to email me at andreawatsondesigns@gmail.com if you decide you’re interested in a sign! I’ll be taking Christmas orders until December 13th 🙂

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