A Morning in the Studio

The shells are clean and ready to be sorted. This is always one of my favorite parts of the process. It’s very relaxing and almost meditative, although I find almost all of my jewelry work to be that way. Tommy always joins me in the office and is constantly attempting to “help”. He is also very odd and likes to knock small objects onto the floor, so he knows he’s not usually allowed on my desk. He eventually settles into a spot in the room and I’m happy to have the company while I work. Although I did not make any jewelry this morning, sorting the shells and organizing the desk will make my next day in the studio much more productive.

2 thoughts on “A Morning in the Studio

  1. Andrea, your work is wonderful! I remember you talking about your visions to create and sell jewelry, and now you are in five stores? You must be so proud! I absolutely love the charcoal shell earrings in this slide-show. Good work!

    1. Aww thanks so much Reagan! Yep I’m steadily growing this little business of mine. I’ve been able to buy a few more important tools for my studio.. so hopefully you’ll see some new jewelry styles soon! I absolutely LOVE your hair flowers btw. I was checking out your blog/website and they are gorgeous!

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