Studio Revamp

Over the last two Saturdays I’ve spent a good amount of time re-organizing the office/studio and I’m happy to say that my studio is finally ready to go again! My studio had temporarily moved into our bedroom to make room for our good friend Joe who decided to move to Wilmington in November. He moved into his own apartment at the beginning of January and it gave me the motivation to get my studio revamped and ready for production.

I’ve had a studio ever since we moved to North Carolina, but its been a work in progress. Originally I had only a marble counter-top workstation that my Dad made for me the Christmas before we moved. I still use that now, but I also have a beautiful solid-cherry desk (with the workstation on top), a large tool organizer with see-through drawers, several tool boxes, and a bookshelf that is the perfect extension to my workspace. Needless to say, I’m thrilled with the setup and the basic tools I have now.

The most exciting part of my new setup though is my torch. For Christmas, Danny bought me the acetylene I needed to actually use the torch that I bought over 9 months ago. The torch itself was $215 and the tank of acetylene not far from that. So I’m incredibly thankful to have such a wonderful fiancĂ© and now a working torch for my studio! It’s by far the most expensive (and most useful) tool I’ll need for a while…

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